Today most of us have smart phones and are able to capture day to day happenings, this is a wonderful thing and with social media it is easier to share those moments with our loved ones so easily. What this doesn’t do is allow you all to be in the picture, for the full story to be told and this comes at the detriment of not seeing the printed image. I encourage you to take the lead and will ask questions relating to your lives to allow your emotions to show. With children it is often subjects like ‘where is your favourite place’ ‘how does that that make you feel’ their reactions always make me smile, as they encounter stories and poses describing them. What I aim to do in a family shoot is to capture all your family together, I prefer to capture you in your preferred environment and being yourselves, this allows you to show your real emotions and create wonderful relaxed images. A ‘time in your day shoot’, one that develops organically, if I’m capturing you at home, the park, in the woods or wherever you choose I want to create a natural, storytelling and real time for you to look back over the years. How many of us have albums of carefully placed photographs of us stood in a line, hair tidy, best clothes on and smiling at the camera? I want you all dressed in whatever you feel most comfortable in, if the children want a favourite teddy included thats wonderful, if they roll in the mud and it makes them smile it all makes for the best capturing of your day. 


I offer natural bump photography, which you can have captured at your home if you wish to have a more intimate shoot, as well as outside shoots as a couple or including a little one, I usually do this on a family walk for example, but the choice is yours. This is a lovely time to get to know you, especially if you would like your birth recorded. This is something that isn’t for everyone, my aim is to capture emotions between mum and partner throughout the labour and birth with the utmost respect. When baby arrives and you settle back at home the time rushes by, they grow and develop so fast, I offer Newborn ‘time in your day’ sessions which are a very intimate time of mum, dad and baby. I prefer to do this at your home, it is a capture of your life as it occurs to keep and look back on over the years. It isn’t a posed session, if your hair isn’t brushed and there is washing waiting to be done, that’s how it is, what is important at that time is your newborn baby, such a precious time as they grow so quickly. The intimacy of a mother feeding, bathing her baby and holding it as he falls asleep can be captured for you to keep. 


I love photographing weddings and all the emotions that arise on the day, the laughing, hugging, crying, little moments that make everyone smile. A culmination of months of hard work deciding on your ceremony and reception venue, a theme, choosing your dress, the flowers, invitations, what to eat, who will sit where, deciding who will style your hair and make up. After photographing over seventy weddings one thing the bride and groom always say is how quickly the day has flown. I work in a very relaxed style, usually from a distance and stepping in as and when. If you choose preps, which I hope you will, as it is such a such special part of the day and one that only the bride and her chosen bridesmaids and family will see on the day. I will usually be found in the background capturing moments and taking a few detail shots to set the scene. The ceremony, be it outside, in a ceremony room or church is where there is so much emotion, the groom’s face as he captures his bride arriving, the vows, the ‘kiss’ and family and friends witnessing. These are the images that I feel are the ones that will be very precious to you over the years. I am happy to do a small number of group shots, they will be fairly informal and I do these fairly quickly so you can spend as much time with your guests. I take you off for about fifteen minutes, giving you some time together and capturing you away from everyone in the grounds of the venue. The speeches are another emotional time, a great time to capture you and your friends during fun tales from the speakers. I take fairly unposed pictures of cake cutting and stay until first dance to capture you on the dance floor. My prices for weddings start from £3700.