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“The talented Vie at ‘vie spence photography’ captured a very special set of images with me last year…. a process of exploring emotions and vulnerability…. something I really wanted to do for ME…totally naked (but in the no-makeup and no modelling sense, rather than than the no clothes sense for a change!!). An experience I would heartily recommend- you can use your motivational session for whatever you want, but for me I wanted to access the raw, the deep, the emotional….and we created an “anchor”, a place I could revisit where the beautiful things in my life live….I suppose it’s effectively a therapy session with the images to capture the process….I’ve been meaning to do some writing, and I guess this would be one of those key experiences that warrants a blog post…watch this space!!!!! x x x” 

Jessica Taylor, a well known model from the south of England and I were mutual friends on social media. I saw a post she had written on spirituality and contacted her, we had an uplifting chat and her openness and spirituality led us meeting for an outdoor motivation shoot to capture some ideas we had. I used Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP to do a timeline with Jessica and capture her feelings from her subconscious throughout. The images show different feelings and then ‘anchoring’ her happiness. It was an emotional time and I am humbled to have had the opportunity to have been able to do this with her.

At different times in our lives we reach crossroads and many of my motivational shoots are at these times, I ask the client to visualise where they want to be and capture that moment. So often I hear clients saying they aren’t photogenic, hate their photo being taken and are uncomfortable in front of the camera. I use a very relaxed approach and allow the client to find their relaxed ‘place’, thus capturing their confidence. Most of these shoots have been a time of laughing and sharing and cannot be rushed. Motivation shoots usually take 2 – 3 hours and you can have your favourite images made into a photo book or receive high res processed digital files.

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