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“The talented Vie at ‘vie spence photography’ captured a very special set of images with me last year…. a process of exploring emotions and vulnerability…. something I really wanted to do for ME…totally naked (but in the no-makeup and no modelling sense, rather than than the no clothes sense for a change!!). An experience I would heartily recommend- you can use your motivational session for whatever you want, but for me I wanted to access the raw, the deep, the emotional….and we created an “anchor”, a place I could revisit where the beautiful things in my life live….I suppose it’s effectively a therapy session with the images to capture the process….I’ve been meaning to do some writing, and I guess this would be one of those key experiences that warrants a blog post…watch this space!!!!! x x x”

………….  Jessica Taylor  ………….


“Vie made us feel instantly at ease which helped us to be ourselves and create some beautifully natural photographs. Vie generously donated the photo session as a prize for a cancer research event which we were lucky enough to win – we thoroughly enjoyed our family afternoon at the woods and would highly recommend Vie for capturing your special moments”

………….  Claire and Craig  ………….




“I love our photos by Vie, I have had a few photo shoots with her, one with my new born and toddler pictured at home in our natural surroundings. I felt at ease and comfortable around Vie, she is very professional and friendly bubbly person and I love how she works and captured my family in their natural beauty, I love how the shoot was about capturing a moment in time, that we can look back on in years to come knowing that’s how the day was in its true form! I would highly recommend Vie and will be capturing more family moments with her very soon in the bluebells!”

………….  Sarah C  ………….

“Well what can I say, thank you doesn’t nearly begin to cover it! I couldn’t have wished for better, let’s face it if I hadn’t have met you back in 2011 in Australia then none of this would have happened ….. I was at a low part of my life when we first met, I was in a very unhappy marriage and when my cousin asked my to come to his wedding I jumped at the chance! This is how we met… You were one of the photographers, you helped me calm my nerves for my best woman’s speech! We became friends through Facebook, and when I needed to boost my morale in 2012 I knew exactly what I wanted to do….. A motivational photo shoot! It was arranged for the day before my birthday (I wanted to do it whilst I was still 40) I arrived feeling nervous but I shouldn’t have been worried, you put me at ease and just captured me at my best, it was exactly what I needed, boosted my confidence and set me of a new track in life!

One week later I visited again to select my final shots and ended up drinking wine and laughing all night! The photos were fantastic, but the following morning you found out about one of my phobias ….. Drinking tea! Enter hypnotherapy, I’m now addicted to tea! We did 2 hypno sessions that morning the second was more to help me visualise my life in a years time, boy did we get it right! We became more like sisters than friends and you were one of the first to help me out when I broke my wrist! Thank you xx

You suggested me adding a few of your friends onto my friends list on Facebook – I remember your words now ” you must add Paul he’s a real sweetie” Then here we are just over 2 years later and you were one of the first people we told that we were expecting a baby! I had a crazy idea and I said to Paul that I would like you to be with us when our baby was born! I’m pleased you wanted to be with us! March 2015 – our baby’s arrival, Vie you would not begin to imagine how grateful we were that you were with us, I hardly noticed that you were taking photographs, but you were so calm and that helped me no end, when I said I couldn’t do it, you were there saying I could and I was! You captured my pain and my elation all in one go, the images of our beautiful little girl are amazing and to see your tears when you met Charlotte for the first time will stay with me forever xx

You are more than a photographer, you are my friend, my sister in life, our Family xx love you xx”

………….  Julia and Paul  ………….

“Vie is an amazing photographer and a truly, madly wonderful lady. From the moment you meet her she makes you feel like an old friend, a fabulous skill that puts you totally at ease. The images Vie manages to capture are stunning, memories that are priceless and to be treasured. She encouraged us to have a family pre wedding shoot in the grounds of the church we got married it, it was a fun and relaxing time and one we enjoyed it very much. On our wedding day she made us all feel relaxed and special and even took the time to make sure my niece and nephew got their meal. She produced a beautiful album telling the story of our day, which we treasure.

Vie was recommended to us and I now highly recommend her to you. Once our wedding photographer, now our friend”

………….  Claire and Andy  ………….

“I have worked with Vie Spence on two occasions, both very different. The first was when she accompanied me to buy my wedding dress. For every girl who has ever felt the emotions that run through you, there is nothing like it . Intensely personal. My feels were nerves, relief, excitement, anticipation and romance. In the space of one hour I had felt all of these. Feelings most brides never experience again but mine were capture in minute detail with Vie’s beautiful and sympathetic eye

The second occasion was my 50th birthday, a once in reunion of my family. It required eagle-eyed attention to what was going on around, to make sure that nothing went uncaptured. Vie was fabulous, I expected nothing less. I still look at my pictures and they fill me up with a deep sense of connection with those people I cant be with regularly and memories of a fantastic night

I can not recommend this highly professional or talented photographer enough. Anyone can point a camera, anyone can learn about composition and light but it takes someone truly impassioned about their craft to find those moments and get them on film. Thank you Vie, you are wonderful x

…………. Donnalee ………….

We were so glad that we used vie as our photographer, I relaxed because I had full confidence that vie knew our vision and really cared. The pictures were so relaxed and beautiful. This is the second time vie has photographed my boys and she really captures their personalities.

…………. Lindsay and Wayne ………….

Well what a time i was having relationship breakup – really stuck for cash – and feeling really low. Then to top it all my fone charger broke. I decided to pop round and see a friend for help. Unfortunately she was out but another friend was there . She sat me down made me a cuppa lent a sympathetic ear then told meant to follow her to the kitchen – there she trimmed my hair then put some make-up on me-something i had not done in a while- gave me a party dress to put on swapped my glasses for a different pair then did a mini photo shoot. By the time that was done I felt like a new person – cheerful , invigorated, and most of all my self esteem had returned. I was full of hope for the future and it wasn’t just me that noticed-all my other friends did too. So a very big thank you Vie for everything you did for me. I still needed a phone charger but hey I was me again :))

…………. Hazel ………….

“I met Vie through mutual friends and we met up for the day with no intention of having a shoot. I told her how uncomfortable I felt having my photo taken and always hated the results. Out came her camera, I flinched and pleaded with her not to take any, she persuaded me to relax and visualise how I wanted people to see me. She said ‘here’s the deal, I’ll take 50, show you and if you don’t like them I’ll delete them. Much to my amazement I didn’t just like the images, I loved them, she had managed to capture ‘me’, I relaxed more and then was the one pleading her to take more. What started as a few minutes of having my photo taken ended up being a full blown motivational shoot, I totally relaxed, became my old self, felt more confident and thoroughly enjoyed it. The next week a disc of edited images arrived on my door step, I cried as I opened them, what I was seeing was the person I had always wanted to be, I posted the pics on social media and was blown away at the comments from friends and family. So five years on, instead of having an avatar of a cartoon character, I still have my favourite picture of me, not only that, I have a loving partner who messaged me after the shoot to say that’s how he had always seen me and a new job which I had the guts to go for after feeling more confident. Thank you mad, crazy, kind Vie, that day changed my life xxxx”

………….  Estelle  ………….

Vie has photographed my family for more than three years now and we always get really excited to see her. We love how natural and fresh her shots are and the relaxed, calming influence she has as she photographs us as well as making it fun for the little ones, always making us laugh. Her photographs never fail to impress and are always stunning. She captures emotions with perfection and is so passionate about her work. A wonderful person and truly talented photographer!

…………. Rosanna ………….

Vie took photographs of my family, a present for my mum. Photo shoot? It was more like a party! We laughed from beginning to end and felt so comfortable with Vie’s humour and professionalism. The end result was very natural stunning photos. I wholeheartedly recommend Vie to take your special precious memories too.

…………. Sarah P ………….

We were so glad that we used vie as our wedding photographer, I relaxed because I had full confidence that Vie knew our vision and really cared. The pictures were so relaxed and beautiful. On the day she not only took photos, but also paid such attention to detail to what was happening. This is the second time Vie has photographed my boys and she really captures their individual personalities.

…………. Lindsay and Dean ……………