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Buckinghamshire pet photography – I was delighted to be invited by Emma to photograph some of her friends and their pets, we met at her beautiful country farm and drank tea, always a great way to start a shoot. I plumbed for capturing them in her barn, beautiful natural light beamed into it and the straw bales made for great seating. The rustic backdrop of the old barn was a perfect backdrop too. Jenny sat with her beautiful dog Moo, the love she has for him shone through, as I asked her to embrace him and think about what he means to her, then it was time to capture a few of her on her own. Next in walks a stunning mare and her owner, again, the absolute love for her horse was so evident. She was joined by her son and husband who were happy to sit and watch, but knew there was no chance of that. Their gorgeous dogs behaved so well, intact they posed for the camera. When Tom and his wife arrived with four Jack Russels, my thoughts were this could be fun! As their owners sat on the bales, they were called and told to sit, and sit they did, they were better behaved than their owners it has to be said, it was so good to be able to capture them all together, normally they are walking with them and taking a few photos of their own, but hadn’t ever all sat together for photos. I find this so much in general life, parents taking regular photos of their children and pets but rarely taking time in busy lives to enjoy a moment in time and be photographed together and have printed out photographs to enjoy. My eyes caught sight of an old bike in the barn, with a basket and bell, Tom was quick to get on it and ride around the yard, a chance to relive childhood memories and have some fun. Then a chance to photograph Lisa’s stunning huge black horse, she had rescued him a few years before and her love for him is overwhelming. Last but not least, good friends, a magazine and a china cup and saucer made for a bit of fun. These people and so many are passionate about their pets, the care and love they give them is wonderful. Note to oneself, do not wear a wooden jacket in a straw barn, I’m still picking it out of the fibres! For a fun shoot with your pets, either in a barn, your garden, or the woods contact me today on vie2009@live.co.uk or telephone on 07929 978493. I can do this individually, or gather a few friends and make it a fun get together.


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